We have all heard of the expression “Love at First Sight,” but have you ever hear of “Love at First Listen?” Well you probably haven’t, because I just made it up. But that’s the only way I could think of describing my very first Nominus experience that took place this summer at Sonic Bloom. Well, technically the first time I saw him was a few months prior to Sonic Bloom, at their pre-party show called The Road to Sonic Bloom. This is where they showcase a handful of artists who are featured on that year’s festival lineup. Anyways, it had to be the last hour or so of the night, because Opiuo was closing out the evening in the Ballroom, the larger stage at Cervante’s dual side venue. Due to my preference for personal space, my friends and I made our way to the small stage, known as The Otherside, where there couldn’t have been more than two dozen people hanging out. This group did however include two familiar faces, Jamie Janover and Mikey Thunder. Seeing them in the very intimate crowd, we instantly had a feeling that this was the “cool” side to be on. We were collectively mind-blown as soon as Nominus started his set, and he instantly became one of our most anticipated artists at Sonic Bloom. It was so much fun making our way to his day time set at the Hummingbird Stage,  with all our friends who had no idea what they were in for. Its now a little bit of a blur, but lets just say that there was a lot of dancing, dust, jumping around, and hugging.

Nominus is a San Franscisco based producer who grew up studying classical guitar, percussion, and spent years playing in live bands. His love for music eventually led him to the world of electronic production. The very accurate biography on his Soundcloud states that “Nominus fuses lush organic melodies with deep, chunky rhythm sections to create a sound that is beautiful, yet moves the dance floor with mind-blowing energy. This along with tasteful sound design and cutting edge bass takes the listener on a journey that weaves light and dark into one harmonious experience.” I don’t usually quote Soundcloud bios, but that description is just too on point not to share.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Nominus this last weekend once again on The Otherside at Cervantes. Only this time, it was a sold out show (Fine Nominus, I suppose we can share you with the rest of the world…). This show was particularly awesome because I had the chance to see some of my favorite sacred bass artists both locally and internationally known. The evening started off with Templo, my favorite Denver based Downtempo prodigy. Templo has a big show coming up this Saturday with EOTO, the infamous improvisational bass connoisseurs from the String Cheese Incident. If you plan on going to this show, be sure to get there early for Templo’s set! I can assure you, you will not be disappointed (tickets here). Next up was another local favorite Soulacybin, who bumped up the atmosphere in the room with a surprisingly more upbeat set then I’m used to hearing from this artist. It’s been a pleasure hearing Soulacybin’s style evolve over the last two years. He’s actually one of the first sacred bass artists I ever saw live, and he’s been nothing but consistently satisfying ever since. Soulacybin  wrapped up his set by introducing Nominus as “The musical equivalent of a bouncy house.” Best believe that I was in the front row during his set, bouncing all around like there was no tomorrow.  The Headliner for the night was the king of “Temple Step” himself, Kalya Scintilla. No need for an elaborate description here, he’s an Australian producer who’s music and talent is recognized all over the world. During some of my Northwest travels last year, I crossed paths with some people from Italy and Japan. Even though we didn’t all speak the same language, we listened to the same music. That’s right, Kalya Scintilla. Our love for his music was what brought us together, and made me appreciate him even more than I already do.

That’s ultimately my favorite part of this whole tribal, sacred, downtempo movement: it really embraces sounds and styles from all over the world, combining elements both ancient and futuristic. It’s definitely a growing genre, and I shall continue to seek out and support all of the artists who wish to contribute.  Huge props to Nominus and the artists listed above, who’s ambition is to spread love and bring people together through higher conscious sound.