By Emily Ford
OptycNerd, a Denver based, smooth pop/hip hop group has released their newest EP, “Nonfiction” a collaboration with fellow musician Play Pat  and it is certainly a force to be reckoned with! A lyric in their first track, “ Comfort Me,” describes the sound perfectly: “Summertime swag for the one time”. The vibe of this mix is perfect whether you’re cruising on your bike in the sunshine or riding down the mountain through fresh powder you’re sure to be grooving to the perfect soundtrack.
OptycNerd is an energetic duo made up of Chris Kimmel and Chris Scott who met at a party and made the decision to “form a group and change human existence as we know it.” You can expect high energy live performances, an outrageous media presence and, consistent bangers with these guys on your radar. Bringing a west coast flair, Play Pat who hails from the East Bay, has been creating music and engineering sound for over 8 years and adds to the new wave pop r&b beats to which this EP lays its foundation.
Lyrically, this four track EP is light and upbeat, no dark and depressing verses here. If you’re looking for something care-free to uplift the party this Friday, look no further. This is a winter party anthem EP destined to make you dance anytime anywhere.
“Nonfiction” is well produced and thoughtfully put together. From the r&b infused electronic beats to the smooth and steady hip hop flow, this EP shines in their extensive repertoire of creations. Look out for big things from both OptycNerd and Play Pat in 2018!
Listen to “Nonfiction” here: