We can’t feel the world moving because we are moving with it; but sometimes we can feel like we’re not moving at all.

“I feel stuck while the worlds spinning.”

From death to broken relationships, and even haters; Denver rapper and producer, Rob4Real, releases mixtape “Feeling The Void”. Finding light through music, Rob opens up about a dark time.

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Where did “Feeling The Void” come from?

It’s a play on words. Or a double entendre. Usually the saying goes, “Filling The Void”.. like with vices and such… In this case I’m not only “filling” the void but I’m FEELING the void or voids in life.

It starts off explaining some personal battles but seems to guide the listeners through a journey of overcoming this sad time. Can you explain what was going through your head when you were creating this project?

I was in a really dark place. I lost people close to me. I was heart broken. My friend, roommate, and photographer Derek passed away. He was like a brother to us. We were in this chasing our dreams shit together, it was a feeling I never felt before when he passed. Before he passed away I was already dealing with depression and his death seemed to spiral me further into turmoil. I was negative and recluse.  Relationships suffered during this time and some were damaged beyond repair. 

What was it like getting to collaborate with the other artists?

Amazing! Every artist on the project is someone I really admire artistically. YaSi, Damien The Architect, Tripper, J.carey, Supreme Ace, and Eades all inspire me. Each one of them were key pieces to the puzzle.

I really enjoy the Tripper Jones Interlude, how he talks about how the past can still haunt you – can you elaborate on this?

That interlude is perfect. It embodies the sentiments I had about lost love. Tripper was instrumental in the creation of the entire project. He was present for recording and mixing nearly every song but maybe 4. He played me that song early Winter when I was first starting the project and I immediately thought how much the song resonated with me and the project. I told him it was one of the best songs I ever heard and that I wanted it for my project. 

Any advice for someone going through a hard time?

Just keep swimming. Haha other than that I don’t know. I’ll let you know when I find out.

The mixtape takes us through a journey of overcoming life’s ups and downs. With high energy beats, slick autotunes and synths. Stream it here: