“Formed in early 2015, Spectacle is a LIVE electronic trio that blends unique instrumentation and multiple genres together to create a soundscape that stimulates all of your auditory senses! By combining many instruments not typically seen in the electronic industry, Spectacle is considered ahead of the game! ” – Jessica 


Hey guys, we’ve got quite the instrumental treat to share with you today.  Local Denver trio SPECTACLE has released their new EP “Luci,” and giving it a listen will be the best decision you’ll make all day. It’s a short and sweet debut of their soundscapes and newfound style after being a three piece band for the past year. Their music is all original, ranging from melodic violin and jazzy horns, to progressive percussion and electronic nuances. They were so kind in taking the time to answer a couple questions about the group and the new EP.

Could you give me some basic info about the band? Such as how you meet and when you started playing to together?

Jessica (Violin) – “People always say the most amazing things occur when you least expect – this is very much true for the formation of Spectacle Trio. Michael Lee Mahan (Producer/Guitar), started writing for the project in early 2014 with the intention to add live instrumentation to the mix but it was not until he met myself and our percussionist Rob Brandon that he was inspired to make it a reality. When Michael and I met randomly at a house party my roommates were throwing in Sept. 2014 (Michael was the DJ for that night) I pulled out my violin and improvised some music with him just for fun! The next day I received a call from him asking me to play a show with him later that year – without hesitation – I said yes! He mentioned he was going to ask a friend of his from school, Rob, who was an incredible percussionist to join us on-stage. I personally had never played intimately with a percussionist as well as electronic music and was stoked at the opportunity. With only one rehearsal the day before the show – we were amazed and inspired with how the three of us easily played together. It was not until many months later at our second show that we realized we actually sounded pretty good as a trio and that we had something very special between the three of us. In October of 2015 The Spectacle Trio was officially formed! We decided as a group to go for it!”

One of you earlier mentioned that the LUCI EP showcased Spectacle’s new sound and direction. Could you elaborate on how it’s changed and what influenced the groups newfound direction?

Michael (Producer/Guitar) – “The Spectacle sound has changed in the last year drastically due to each member’s desire to play more live instruments over the music. Jessica Borth (Violin) has stepped up her game by syncing her computer with mine and added levels of looping for piano and synths allowing her to drive the music instead of just adding a layer on top of it. Rob Brandon (Percussion) went from playing one set of Congo on the floor (Meadowlark 2015) to adding an array of afro cuban instruments including Timbales, Bongo, Cherokee, Congo, and many other auxillary percussion instruments. Personally I have challenged myself to compose songs that have enough space for live instrumentation. Some projects contain close to 100 tracks. The LUCI EP the first release that holds true to the Spectacle sound.”


Could you describe some of the inspirations behind the two new tracks?

Michael (Producer/Guitar) – “Electric Air came to me late one night, I was listening to FLUME and got really inspired. I wanted to make a Pad that had some swing, something that bounced like a Hip Hop song but hit like a Future Bass song. My roommate came home late that night and saw me jumping up and down in the music room.  He said he had never seen anyone get so hyphy while they were producing.  I might just be crazy, but I hope other people can bob their heads and boogie as well.”



“Future Native was going to be my submission for the Untz remix competition. I wrote it in about 4 hours and ended up letting it sit on my computer for a few weeks.  When I showed it to Rob and Jess, they loved it and we got to work making it more than your average electronic track.  I was excited to put something together that had real bass guitar in it, I had been constantly listening to THE WEEKND‘s, “Cant Feel My Face” and I wanted to play bass that was just as deep and danceable.”

Other artists on the EP include Drew Jostad on trumpet and Ethan Harris on the trombone!

Any other fun shows or releases in the works?

Jessica (violin) – “2016 is shaping up to be one of the best years for the Spectacle Trio yet (Bookings for 2017 are already in the works as well!)! We have some amazing performances and releases coming up:

  • Arise Music Festival – We will be playing on the Electronic stage (Area 51) on Sat. Aug 6th @ 4:00
  • Release of our 4 song EP – Purlie will be taking place in Sept. 2016 (We will be having a release party/performance in Denver as well – Location TBD at this point)
  • We are headlining the second day of the GREEN BEER FEST (10/1-10/2) at the Boulder Bandshell (The focus of this festival is on water conservation and the declining state of our oceans).
  • Spectacle’s annual BIG HALLOWEEN event will be taking place at OPHELIA‘s Soapbox in Denver on Oct. 28th.This one will be a big one for sure with a Spectacle Trio headlining set, Spectacle big band (10 person Funk band), two incredible openers and a late night set by one of the greatest in Denver. We will be announcing the other artists on the bill following our Arise performance.
  • We will be heading on tour on the east coast the first two weeks of Nov.

That pretty much sums up the remaining part of 2016 for Spectacle!”


“Unlike other bands, we wanted to play our sets through without stopping like DJ’s but wanted to leave enough space to allow for on-stage improvisation. Spectacle’s Influences combine electronic music at the earliest form (Techno) coupled with Jazz and blues (which have a lot of improvisation).” – Michael