It’s always a little shocking to me when I come across a talented artist on Soundcloud that doesn’t have much of a following despite having a page filled with tons of great music. I was more than a little surprised when I stumbled on French beatsmith, The Words, whose following sits under 2000 even though his two free albums and numerous remixes are about as fresh as they come. Of course, when it comes down to it, the numbers don’t matter and the music does, but it’s still sort of an anomaly in our digital age when talent like this usually garners more attention. In any case, The Words is certainly worthy of some attention in the States, especially in Colorado where his glitch-hop, electro-soul sound is more than welcomed.

Taking influence from none other than Pretty Lights, Gramatik and others, The Words chops and arranges old school samples and soundbites with plenty of heavy bass and robotic synths to create tracks that fall all over the musical spectrum. Some songs are more rooted in hip-hop with a laidback vibe; others are upbeat, glitchy and dancey; and others fall more in the electro-soul realm with blues and soul samples.

Currently, The Words has released two LPs, “First Chapter” and “Second Chapter”—easy enough, right?—that showcase his ability to glide through different styles and genres with ease. He’s also put out a remix album for “Second Chapter,” which features remixes from Emiljo A.C. and French compatriots, The Geek x VRV. On top of that, The Words has expertly remixed Daft Punk, Geek X Vrv, The Noisy Freaks and Shruk. Pretty much all of his music is available for free on his Soundcloud page. By all appearances, it looks like his accounts have been fairly quiet for a couple of months, but hopefully that indicates that someone is hard at work on more music—fingers crossed.

Dig in and enjoy, but most of all, spread the word about this undiscovered talent. Follow The Words on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud for the latest.