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FoShizzle Presents…All Grown Up! Midwestern DJ, Niki Fischer, (AKA: Niki Kitz), set forth on her own excursion, and awakened the hearts of her humbling and loyal homies. Playing for fun wherever she could sneak in a table, this lady has dropped tracks at the most unconventional of venues.

“Specializing in creating stories through music, Kitz often oscillates between light and dark,” as stated in Niki’s biography. “Her hypnotic DJ sets evoke a range of emotions via smooth transitions and unique textured sounds.”

Her first set EVER was during sunrise at a local teahouse, and following up at the ‘Center for Conscious Living.’

During her beginning stages through this exploration of sound and energy, Kitz and a group of tight-knit homies began throwing “untraditional parties” under the tag ‘FoShizzle Presents.’ In 2013, Niki merged forces with ‘Apart,’ a Techno/House-Family consisting of DJ’s: Fortune, Gene Farris, Jason Allen, and Uncle Ryan!

Workin’ her lil’ booty off, she has secured slots onto line-ups at remarkable gatherings all over Wisconsin, and is touching down in Chicago, Detroit, and BEYOND.

Tailoring her musical voice, Kitz, holds a light-hearted, simplistic, ambient-chill tone. However, she exposes an intense, yet quietly-charged energy with a primal focusing intent, while working in an array of sexy undertones. With her ability to break from the original flow, then pull it all back together seamlessly, Niki is growing, playing, learning, and having a damn good time doing so! She even let’s that boppy, in-tune, psy-trance psyde run wild.


Niki’s ‘Noctuary’ compilation recorded back in April of this year is a spot-on mix that showcases many of her multi-genre and experimental talents through the electronic music realm. This collection also displays her understanding of the equipment and instruments used in the creating and production of music. Halfway through this melodical journey, it takes a tropical brain-cation (for the ears) to a land of sun-kissed beauty, and lush vibrations, playing with that beach-step / jungle-trance to spice it up. The build-out from the tropics segment toys with the heart, causing a stretch for breath, then just in time releases into a beautiful peaceful strain of tunage.


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PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Beth



A few wicked accomplishments of ‘DJ Niki Kitz’ include: her infamous sets at the Winter Warmer Festival in 2014 & 2015, her throw-down at Movement Detroit’s After-party in 2014, and reunited for another Movement Detroit After-party this summer with Colette & DJ Heather! She has also shared the stage with House & Techno Legends like: Claude VonStroke, Drumcell, Manic Brothers, & Mark Farina! Niki also made her mark at the after-hours club, SSS, in Chicago, as well as Primary, one of Chicago’s Leading Nightclubs & Lounge Bar.

“It is hard to classify her sound as any particular genre, as her musical selections range from melodic deep-house to psychedelic techno; but one thing is for certain: she has the ability to deliver infinite energy straight into the hearts of those who listen,” communicated Jack Carpenter. “Open your ears, and begin your journey.”

Recently returning from Sacred Earth’s Full Moon Festival in rural Western Wisconsin, a psychedelic-trance party, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the CHILLUMINATI- “a psychedelic circus hosting multidimensional, multifaceted trance, visual, art and kinetic performance events.” Niki raged a tag set with sound engineer Jack Carpenter. (Video Above) This get-together is Sacred Earth’s longest running festival, and allows for its’ participants to be themselves, open up, move and groove without fear nor judgement, and express yourself as the creative individual YOU are…all-the-while CO-creating.

“This event is created as a Cosmic Condensate in which our music, motion, light and love form a structure in space and time… a microcosmic celebration of the infinite.” As recited from ‘Sacred Earth’s Vision.’

Cute, playful, fierce on the decks, conscious, and always havin’ fun, this precious lady is doin’ her thang within this wonderful industry. WARNING: She may keep you up past your bedtime!

To connect further with Niki, jam her other projects, or catch her live, check out the links below!






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