Still riding the high from 4/20, Colorado-based producer and guitarist, Tyler Gettel, known on the stage as TKettle, dropped a characteristically chill LP of Rocky Mountain Remixes yesterday in the spirit of the holiday. As is the norm in Denver’s wide variety of music, this LP spans a range of styles and genres in terms of both the original songs that get mixed and the sounds that are the result. Featuring remixes of  some standbys like ODESZA, Pretty Lights and Griz, as well as some unexpected tracks by Sylvan Esso, Cherub and Portugal The Man, TKettle’s Rocky Mountain Remixes is a refreshing peek into Gettel’s ability to walk the tightrope between genres and put his own unique spin on each track. Each song takes on a distinctive identity after getting the TKettle remix treatment; from lighter, sunnier vibes on tracks like “Hey Miami” and “Doses and Mimosas” to the deeper vibes of “Reel 6, Break 4” (Pretty Lights) and “Ancient Souls,” the LP is an eclectic case study in remixology. Arguably the best component of the album, though, is the smooth and sultry guitar playing of Gettel himself, which adds extra depth to each song and gives them a human element on top of the expert electronic touches. And in the spirit of good vibes on 4/20, this collection is available for free download.

With chops like these, don’t be surprised about seeing and hearing a lot more from TKettle’s corner in the future, as talent like tends to not stay hidden in Denver for very long. If you are digging what you’re hearing from TKettle, he luckily has a string of summer gigs coming up in Denver and Boulder including at the 1Up with Maribou State and STWO, Tortuga at the Larimer Lounge, Vibe Street at the Bitter Bar (Boulder) and Kinetik Groove at Cervantes. Not only, is TKettle very deserving of some support, but, if you are a hipster like me, this is a fine opportunity to get in on the ground floor of his popularity before everybody knows his name—it’s only a matter of time.


Get connected with TKettle by visiting his Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages, as well as his official website. Be sure to keep an eye on this one as he begins his upward climb. Enjoy the tunes and spread the love!