It’s been one hell of a year for Ben Davis, the creative mind behind Vibe Street, an emerging voice in Denver’s already noisy electro-soul community. Just over a year ago, Ben was performing his very first set of all original music as Vibe Street on the stage of the 1up Colfax, and this Thursday he is returning to where it all began. Alongside the Soul Pros, he will be warming things up for Peanut Butter Wolf with what he promises will be a deep, feely set. In 2014 Davis knocked out a slew of shows here in Colorado and across the country in addition to releasing two EPs and a full length album, all of which are available for FREE. With a track record like that, “remarkable” doesn’t even begin to describe the past year for Vibe Street, and if the past 12 months is any indication his upward climb is nowhere near finished.

It’s no secret that Colorado is a veritable melting pot of excellent music, one of the most popular genres being electro-soul, future-funk, or whatever the hell you want to call it. In the home state of Pretty Lights Music, sample-driven electronic beats reign supreme. Of course, there are plenty of talented producers who are mixing things up by putting their own touch on the ubiquitous genre, but Vibe Street definitely has one of the more unique takes on it—and it’s a twist that is perfect for Colorado. Davis coined the term “Grass-hop/Future-folk” to describe his tunes. His hallmark touch is the use of acoustic instrumentation and folksy bluegrass samples in addition to the old funk, soul, and hip-hop sounds that are synonymous with electro-soul.

In a market where it can be easy to get lost, Vibe Street has made sure that his work stands out from the rest of the pack. The hard work has obviously been paying off as he has recently been rubbing elbows and sharing the stage with a gang of local and national tastemakers. Just a couple of weeks ago he was playing to a (early) packed house while warming up the stage for local up-and-comers Krooked Drivers and the Midwest’s golden boy Manic Focus. Before that, he was sharing the stage with a host of noteworthy names like EOTO, Exmag, The Gaslamp Killer, Supervision, and a boatload of others. And now that he has his foot in the door, he’s about to be jet-setting to festivals all over this summer including Paradise Festival in Kentucky, Resonance Festival in Ohio, and the promising Euphoria Festival in Texas.

As with most artists (the ones that give a shit at least) the music is the main focus for Vibe Street. Precise sampling, attention to detail, and an eclectic ear have helped to put Vibe Street’s music on the map. While his first long release, The Road to Something Perfect, showcases a variety of sounds and styles including glitchy bangers and chilled-out folksy jams, Vibe Street’s EPs tend to display the different sides of his productions. Keep On The Grass is a superb collection of six funky yet relaxed songs that highlight a range of folk and bluegrass sounds—a summer soundtrack if there ever was one. On the other hand, She Makes Me Feel, released in December, is more of an odyssey to Groove City with more of an emphasis on blues, soul, and funk samples laid over bumping basslines and breakdowns. Any way you slice it, one Vibe Street’s biggest strengths is his ability to diversify his sound in a genre that can sometimes get a little stale.

After a long year of hard work in the studio and on the stage, Vibe Street is clearly bound for great things in the year to come. Be sure to catch Vibe Street at a venue near you, and be on the lookout for tons of fresh new remixes and grass-hop/future-folk jams in the months to come. Show your support by downloading his music (and possibly throwing in a donation or two), but most importantly spread the word about this up-and-coming talent.