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This man of many finely-tuned visions uses Austin, TX. as his home-base, but sheds his talents and love to all corners of the globe. Michael Garfield, is an independent musician creating “vocally athletic percussive future-folk and improvised instrumental electronica,” a writer creating works on the “transformational festival culture, game-changing technologies, and evolutionary dynamics,” a speaker-poet-philosopher delivering “free-roaming” talks that “map evolutionary hyperspace and our place in it – reminding us that everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.” We are not done yet, this being is also a live painter/visionary artist, “exposing the mystique of the artist and inviting everyone else into the party.” Oh yeah, he is also a Writer at Globalish, and the Editor in Chief at SolPurpose.

He does not toot his own horn…So I will!

Where on Earth does this guy find the time…? Maybe it is not on Earth…? That’s it! He does all of his “Plorking*” on other planets, and shares and displays it all here with all of us to enjoy and expand.

“I have been mapping evolutionary hyperspace with art & music since 1984.” Shared Garfield.


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This complex magician is blending environmental undertones with organic self-infused audio, and in a sense exploring the mind to its’ fullest potential. What do people hear? What am I playing? What is he playing? Is he playing? How is he playing that? Or is he also, actually, just a listener relaying a vision?

“It takes creativity to make the next step in a newer, more shocking direction, but it takes a visionary to go beyond the breaking point and meet music on the other end of the spectrum. That’s what Michael Garfield does.”
– TheUntz (Quotation obtained- Interview not conducted by myself)

His multi-dimensional exploration into this realm of untouched interactions with vibrational audio is something only designed for the ears, eyes, and mind. Words simply go astray…
Michael’s tracks are experimentally symphonic, layered to perfection, pleasing to the ears, as if Mozart and Random Rab did a mash up series, while taking a stroll through the forest. Sophisticated. Bending the lines of spirituality, electronic technology, and organic instruments, while embracing the intricacies of sound, and not pushing the barriers of volume, Garfield knows what he is doing, and he is damn good at it!


“My love for the intricacy, natural forms, and my belief in art’s potential to tear down the barriers between us, destroying the toxic falsehood that a creative life is out of reach.” Revealed Garfield.

Using paint markers, Michael glides through each line, each stroke, each outline seamlessly, without contemplation, ultimately focused, and certain of his next move, his precision shines through. His art reflects his visions; utilizing spiritual shapes, sacred species, and abstract anatomy combined with a prehistoric, cartoon-ish, rainbow-esque vibe, his works/posters/prints give off serious yet, playful imagery for the mind.

Michael made history at the 2013 Gratifly Festival, by being the first musician to stream point-of-view video using Google Glass, in addition to an on-stage projector, allowed the crowd to visualize his vision, first-hand.

Click here to view the live-painting time-lapse through Google Glass @ Rootwire Festival 2013 By: Michael Garfield

Along with a million other accomplishments, awards, recognitions, and performances that set him apart from your average go-getter, Garfield is making moves, and lots of them!

“[Michael’s] illustrating, as Huxley would say, the ‘antipodes’ of the Divine Imagination.”
– Alex Grey (Quotation obtained- Interview not conducted by myself)

Artist: Michael Garfield

Artist: Michael Garfield


His understanding on this higher power, levels of consciousness, scientific explanation, and grasp on our purpose here as human beings is fascinating. The way he articulates his ideas, visions, and factual dictation is beyond any comprehensible platform. His harmonious voice on us, our planet, and his interests in expanding the knowledge of the unknown solidifies his celestial enthusiasm and motivation.

Click here to listen to a “talk” of Michael’s regarding “Entertainment on Social Action” at Gratifly Festival 2014.

Garfield has had the pleasure of working alongside worldly renowned artists including: Alex & Allyson Grey, Android Jones, and Amanda Sage, just to name a few. Michael has also shared space with the likes of Papadosio, Whitewater Ramble, Random Rab, Willy Porter, That 1 Guy, and Ayla Nereo, again, only to name a few.

“Michael is a bio-mechanical lightning rod, he possess a keen intellect and possibly too much talent, and I have never seen him do anything other than stimulate, antagonise, elevate, shake-not-stir, and generally get involved in the center of where ever his roaming griot spirit might be…”
– James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace

Find this one man band creating “Electroacoustic Love Songs, Science-Inspired Paintings, and Captivating Philosophical Performances.”

A true gentleman…with one expansive resume!


*Plorking- (Playing+Working) Term coined by the grand crew at Loveland Farms, CA.


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