I’ll be blunt: DJs and producers these days—especially in the ubiquitous realm of “EDM”—are a dime-a-dozen commodity. The same can be said for most of the songs that are popular in EDM spheres around the world. As you can probably tell by now, I can be somewhat difficult to please when it comes to music, so when I hear something that makes my ears perk up like a dog, it must be something special that caused it. A few weeks back, I stumbled on an episode of Dancing Astronaut’s weekly podcast featuring the Vancouver-based duo of Martin Kottmeier and Tristan Norton, better known as Young Bombs, and I was completely enthralled by every second of their flawlessly selected mix which features an exciting and provocative blend of various house styles (progressive, future, house house) that left me wanting much more.

We both started making music when we were in high school. We both played in indie rock and punk bands so we learned how to write songs that way. We got into electronic music when the whole Daft Punk revival thing happened around 2006-07 and guys like MSTRKRFT, Justice and others came onto the scene. We’ve always been big fans of more crossover electronic artists too like Depeche Mode, M83 and LCD Soundsystem to name a few. Writing songs just sort of progressed into using Logic Pro and learning how to program beats. We always wanted to form our own electronic “band” but since there’s only two of us, producing and DJing seemed like the most logical route to take.

– Young Bombs

Not long after that, I was listening to Garth Emery’s weekly radio show (one of the many big names who have shown support for these guys) and was nearly moved to tears by the opening track, a remix of Zella Day’s heartwarming tune “Compass,” remixed by none other than Young Bombs (which has since been on constant repeat). A little slower and sultrier than their other tracks, this was the track that convinced me that these guys are set to…blow up (sorry, couldn’t resist). So I dug a little deeper into their Soundcloud page and was equally impressed with their stunning remixes of Secondcity, Sigma, Charlie XCX, Route 94, Cazzette and Galantis, all of which were included in the Dancing Astronaut mix and are available for free download.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. We listen to a lot of different genres of music so that helps a lot with new ideas. This remix we’re working on right now, for example, has a lot of film score elements in it: strings, glockenspiel, harps, etc. It’s always fun trying to mash different styles with electronic music to keep it sounding fresh.

– Young Bombs

At the rate that they are popping out remixes, Martin and Tristan are hardly showing signs of slowing down—quite the contrary actually. When we caught up with them recently, they mentioned that they have a few more remixes in the works including this week’s release. Following closely on the heels of their Zella Day remix, Young Bombs just dropped a beautifully melodic future house remix of XYLØ’s song “America.” Check out the latest offering from these Canadian virtuosos as well as their other tracks on Soundcloud. Enjoy the free downloads while they last because Young Bombs are on track for some big things in the future.

We have a remix of “America” by XYLØ coming out this Tuesday (April 14th) which we’re really excited about. There’s a few other remixes we’re working on but we can’t spill any details yet. As for the future, we just want to play more shows this year and get our music out to as many people as possible.

– Young Bombs

Stay connected with Young Bombs by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages.