During my preliminary introduction into the world of electronic music, Unlimited Gravity was one of the first producers I ever heard of. His cover of “Sail” by AWOLNATION is one of my favorite remixes to date, and is one of the founding tracks that solidified by love for the electronic realm. Cut to about four years later, and here I find myself lucky enough to exchange some words with man behind the music, Ronnie Weberg. Ronnie and powerhouse producer Project Aspect have been blowing up the electronic scene together with their collaboration project titled “Unlimited Aspect,” one bass bursting face melt at a time. With Jay’s (Project Aspect) guitar and Ronnie’s piano skills, they create a show and an energy that’s tough to beat. Between playing numerous festivals, including what will be his seventh year in a row at Sonic Bloom, and his upcoming spring tour, Ronnie has a pretty big year ahead of him. He just released a new album called “Event Horizon” through 1320 Records, and its a freaking banger. 10 solid tracks of some of the most tasteful, energetic, and melodious electronic music you can find. With Colorado being in it’s current blizzard-like state, now would be the perfect time to download this album before heading to the mountains to hit that fresh pow. Because let me tell you, this is not the album you want to listen to if you plan on sitting on your ass. Event Horizon humbly displays Ronnie’s progression as an artist, and pristine ability as a producer. If you’re into all original samples, exquisite piano riffs, sexy synthesizers,  and dirty bass lines, then this is the album for you. Unlimited Gravity is a necessary experience for anyone who calls him or herself a certified “Basshead.” Ronnie, who is also an active member of The Mile High Sound Movement, was kind enough to answer a handful of questions to help us get to know him a little better.

Tell me about your musical background. What kind of music did you follow while growing up? 

I was into everything that was new. Stayed very in tune with the waves of changing genres. Pretty much anything that was current was inspiring me. I started singing at a really young age and carried that all the way through college. I started playing some instruments along the way, mainly vocals and then drums. I went to the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota for a Western Classical Music Degree with an emphasis in Music Technology and Composition. That’s also when I started studying piano. I’ve been submerged in music for a long time.

Your sound has been referred to as an “Ingenious Alchemical Hybrid.” Could you elaborate on what that means to you?

When I’m writing music I use a lot of instrumentation and layering with classical and more traditional instruments. That definitely comes from my classical training side. Then I mix it with really high energy beats and tempos with aggressive bass lines. The “alchemical hybrid” comes from that mix of the classical flavors, and the new-age sound design concepts.

How long have you been working on “Event Horizon?”  How does it differ from your previous work?

It’s been in the works since the end of 2013, I’ve been working on it for a long time. As I’ve evolved as a music producer my style has transcended from that really “beat & hip-hop” oriented kind of vibe. Over time the albums have progressed into being more musical, as opposed to being just dance music. Event Horizon is a lot more focused on the compositional side of things.

You and Jay (Project Aspect) are one of my favorite “Bromances” in the scene. How did the two of you link up?

It was 2008. We were both playing shows and making our way up into the scene. I was also starting to get involved with the Mile High Sound Movement. There was this midi controller coming out called the APC 40 by Akai. It was just coming out  and I was so excited that I pre-ordered one, so did Jay. We ran into each other one night at Cervantes and had a super nerdy conversation about the controller and realized we had both pre-ordered them. As soon as those arrived we planned on getting in the studio and seeing what we could do together. Ever since then we’ve been creating together and inspiring one another. I guess you could say it was “Bass at First Sight.”

In your opinion, how does the Colorado Music Scene differ from all the rest? 

That’s gotta be one of my favorite questions. It really is different from every other place I’ve been. Music Scenes outside Colorado seem SO competitive with each other. In Denver, everybody who is throwing shows is on the same team and they’re trying to build one another up and collaborate. Its pretty remarkable. Denver is really more of a community as opposed to a competitive music scene.

If you had to leave Colorado and start over somewhere else, where would you go?

Paris, France. I’ve been there before and really enjoyed the vibe. I feel like If I was going to start over somewhere, it would have to be a completely different place. This country can have the tendency to offer a lot of the same thing.

Who has been your greatest musical support and inspiration?

My dad has had a guitar in his hand ever since I could remember. Choir directors and music professors in school definitely played an enormous role in me not only sticking through, but staying inspired. There’s countless producers who have sparked something inside of me. It’s hard to say but I think it was around 2008 when BassnectarThe Glitch Mob, and Pretty Lights were all displaying so many different styles of electronic music. Up until then I didn’t really have a vision with my music. I started producing in 2006 and it was getting electronic, but it was more focused on hip-hop beats that my friends and I could rap over. It wasn’t until sonic bloom 2008 when I saw Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob and Pretty Lights all in the same room. Hearing all those different musical flavors and being inspired by these incredible artists is what really altered the course of my own style of production.

Tell me about your involvement with the Mile High Sound Movement. 

The Mile High Sound Movement first and foremost is a collective of artists. Back in the day we were searching this whole creative community and just wanted to find a way to provide a stage and a platform for everyone who wanted to be a part of it. Its definitely motivated by musicians. We just released our own record label, and I think we have about thirty different artists and bands on the record label who are all producing and performing completely original music. It’s kind of like our music family and support system. I’m technically am the Vice President of the movement, because Jay and Zach Kruza (Kruza Kid) started it, and I was the next person to jump in and really get involved. Along with them we have Cris bachman, who’s in charge of marketing and managing the Mile High Sound Movement, so it’s pretty much the four of us running it.

If you could get on an airplane and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d rather get in a spaceship and travel the universe.

Lotus or Sts9?

Sound Tribe.

What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

Sloppy Joe’s.

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Charlize theron & Blake Lively.

What’s your spirit animal?

A sloth. I’ve got a great “sloth smile.”


The first time I saw Unlimited Gravity live, was during Sonic Bloom 2012. He was sharing the stage with the highly acclaimed ill.esha and wasn’t displaying his production, but his voice. His angelic singing had me captured as a fan at first listen, and to think of how much he’s accomplished since then is truly inspiring! It’s always a pleasure to see great things happen to a well deserving artist. I love talking to them and hearing about their likes, dislikes, passions and goals. It’s one thing to hear the music that they make, and something entirely else to hear their own words and opinions. Unlimited Gravity is one classy ass dude, and something tells me that his current reign over the Colorado electronic scene is just the beginning. Be sure to download his brand new album Event Horizon and stay tuned for more great things to come from Mr. Ronnie Weberg. Don’t forget to check out and follow his SoundCloud.