With only about a week to go, the Sonic Bloom 10 Year Anniversary is going to be one of Colorado’s musical highlights of the summer.  With headliners like STS9 and The Motet, its evident that the Sonic Bloom crew is stepping their game up a bit. If you’re anything like me, you might be experiencing those restless pre-festival excitement jitters. If that’s the case, get your pre-bloom booty over to The Armoury tomorrow night (Thursday, 6/11) for the Unofficial Sonic Bloom Pre-Party.

Four local and very talented musicians will be providing the evening with an array of electronic delight and variety. Each artist has an instrument to accompany his electronica, so the night will not be missing any organic elements. Toy Box, one of my Denver favorites, creates an extremely unique soundscape by pairing his electronica with a mandolin. Recently featured on EDM.com, Toy Box is slowly but surely gaining some highly memorable momentum in this town. TKettle I am not as familiar with, however after reading about him and checking out his music, I must say I am really looking forward to his set. With the accompaniment of his guitar, TKettle blends old fashioned soul music with modern electronic flare. This Colorado native’s style is influenced by a range of genres including but not limited to hip-hop, EDM, blues, and bluegrass…just to name a few.

One act you surely don’t want to miss this evening will be the funky ass bass stylings of SIA’s newest family member SoDown. I had the privilege of seeing him throw down at Summer Camp Music Festival during a secret set at the Grassroots California tent. I hadn’t seen him play before, but was familiar with the name and  definitely impressed with what I saw and heard. In addition to the electronic guitar, SoDown pairs his high energy electro-funk music with live saxophone.  EDM trendsetters like GRiZ and Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) are making the saxophone very “hot right now” in the world of electronic music. You’ll be seeing a lot of this kid in the months to come, so come out tomorrow night and get a taste of the funk!

Speaking of which, the funk master himself Kevin Donohue (of Sunsquabi) will be closing out the evening with his rare yet exquisite side project The Casual Commander. I’ve been listening to Sunsquabi for a few years now, and seeing the rise of this band since that time has been glorious. It’s really all due to Kevin, who’s style and production technique makes his band stand out in the electronic jam band  scene. Take their secret DJ Set at the Grassroots tent during Summer Camp Music Festival for example: It wasn’t even on the bill, and they packed out that tent and the surrounding area so hard that I wasn’t even able to see them. I was wrangling friends and spreading the word, all concerned that nobody would show up for their set. Boy was I wrong! Before I knew it, scampers were pouring in from every direction until there literally wasn’t anymore room. So make sure you come get casual and see Kevin represent the Squabtrain in full force! I’m talking face loads of peanut butter here folks, so don’t miss out! <– PS if you don’t understand that reference you are doing it wrong.

Check out the event details here and don’t forget to cop yourself a $5 ticket before they are gone!