It brings me great pleasure to announce the release of VINE STREET VIBES new album Nebula, a nine track ensemble of cosmically crafted space jams embodying the very essence of the livetronica genre. I came across this band a few years ago when they were providing support for a show at Cervantes, and it was one of those rare instances when an opening band totally and completely sweeps you off your feet. By the middle of their set, I couldn’t even remember who I had originally shown up to see. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I knew right then and there that there was something really special about this group,  and its exciting to see the rest of the town starting to catch on (toot toot). Listening to Nebula from start to finish has only solidified why I started listening to them in the first place, and is an audial confirmation of their progress and increased dedication as artists. This is their second full length album, and it’s something that every jam band enthusiast should have in their repertoire. The classic elements of funk are infused with the perfect amount of electronic nuances, creating a very tasteful and modern listening experience. The band’s optimistic and energetic personalities are magnificently reflected in the music, and the album will leave you with a smile on your face. My favorite tracks on the album include Iridescence and Avenue of the Giants. Iridescense is a track they have been playing live for awhile, but it gets me dancing every single time and has the sexiest electronic breakdown in the middle. This is a track I always show my friends if they haven’t heard of the band before. Avenue of the Giants is more mellow, yet has majestic undertones and demonstrates excellent composition skills on the bands part. You can all hear and detect a lot of inspiration coming through this track. If you enjoy music from bands such as STS9LOTUS, or THE MOTET, I can personally guarantee you will fall in love with Nebula. You can download a digital version of the album RIGHT HERE for free, or you can support the band by purchasing a physical copy of the album HERE for a measly 10 bucks. The boys are about to hit the road for their album release tour, so be sure to like them on FACEBOOK and stay up to date on all the excitement.