We couldn’t be more excited to welcome a fresh face to the Souls In Action Artist Collective, who’ll be lighting things up in Colorado and around the Country. The J.J. Evanoff Experience, produces a sound that we clung to immediately. With infectious tones and crisp productions, this trio produces dream rock at a danceable level which we’ve never heard before. We’re thrilled to add them to the team, and can’t wait till you get a chance to see these guys live.


JJ Evanoff is a visionary. At the age of 20, he already engineered a live music experience different than anything seen to date. Inspired by livetronica acts such as STS9 and Lotus, JJ has managed to blend his roots of classic rock and funk music with the engaging experience of a modern day dance music. The band was formed in the Fall of 2014, including BK Kahn on drum from JJ’s high school in Boulder, and Parker Oberholzer on bass/synth out of Longmont, CO.

What makes the band stand out from the rest of the evolving live electronic music scene is JJ’s unparalleled guitar skills and the bands ability to have come together so quickly within just a few months. From just the Fall of 2014, the group has already created 5 new songs and have taken JJ’s old material and created live band versions of all the pieces he wrote when the project was started.

JJ Lazer

The project originally began as solo venture for JJ, djing his productions and playing guitar over them. Though in August 2014, he decided to add Parker and BK to the group, turning it into a full live electronic ensemble. Since the congregation of all three members, their sound has become much more centered around JJ’s classic rock influences, while still including the subtle yet affective implementation of electronica.
All three members grew up in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado, which has been a key inspiration to many of their musical compositions. While creating computer based music, JJ’s sound carries a very organic quality, not usually found in EDM.

JJ Lazer 2

They have shared the stage with acts such as Zoogma, Jimkata, The Main Squeeze, The Magic Beans, Cosby Sweater, Sunsquabi, Dynohunter, Project Aspect,  Unlimited Gravity, Yamn, and many more.


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