Wild High is a 4 piece band from the mile high city that is moving people with their emotional, groove-laden, dream-rock. Fresh off their addition to the Red Bull Sound Select roster, they just released their new live album: SDREAMS. The album captures the powerful live presence of the group, and is full of slinky bass lines, ever expanding guitar riffs, and emotional vocal melodies that remind you of a time just beyond the edge of your memory.
Formed in the summer of 2012 by singer/songwriter Cody Coffey, and featuring the talents of bass p


layer Pablo Cruz, guitarist Clay Cornelius and drummer Nick Layne, the future is exciting for Wild High, who have given themselves plenty of room to expand their sonic palate into whole new dimensions. With their newest live album SDREAMS, get ready to put the silky liquid sweater of Wild High around your ears, and let slinky bass riffs keep you cozy, the ever expanding guitar riffs open up your mind, and the emotional vocal melodies remind you of a time that is just at the edge of your memory.


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