What happens when you take a group of musicians with varying backgrounds, record them using vintage recording equipment and techniques, then put a modern touch on it – Robb Dixon has the answer and it’s called ZUU Music. Hailing from across the pond British producer/engineer Robb Dixon is the brainchild behind ZUU Music and their debut release ‘Subculture’.

Fans of Pretty Lights‘ ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’ will recognize the production quality instantly, as Dixon utilizes a slew of classic recording devices to give ‘Subculture’ a warm sound reminiscent of the glory days of analog recordings. The music laid down in the studio has distinct hip-hop vibes that are reimagined by Dixon through an modern electronic lense to give the listener the final product – ZUU Music.

The EP is available in a pay what you want fashion so make sure you show some love so ZUU Music can make it out to play in the states.